Best looking Water Cooler Babe??

By Guy on 3 November 2011

Living-Water Cooler Babe

The count down is on to the start of our competition to identify the coolest cooler babe. On Saturday 19th November 2011 we have a second model shoot going on in a beautiful provencal style chateau of a group of Living-Water cooler babes and will be running a competition to determine which is the public’s favourite cooler babe – watch this space. We will have a seperate web page on this in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out.

Let’s hope for sunny weather and we can get the girls outside splashing around in the swimming pool now the weather is warmer. If you have any suggestions for possible cooler scenarios please comment below. In the first photo shoot I ended up holding the bottle while the cooler babes took a shower underneath – well done to the girls who took part, I know you hated getting your hair wet and thanks for being such good sports.

We will be interviewing and posting a YouTube interview with all the models and running a viral campaign in the UK to encourage people to vote for your “cooler babe”.  As all the models will be South African, they will be featured with various South African backgrounds and by identifying where the model is featured, people will have the opportunity to win a flight back to South Africa for the weekend.

The video, filmed by none other than myself features the girls drinking a cool glass of Living-Water and giving their verdict on the taste. I also try to get behind what the girls are all about hopefully in a fun manner – be sure to watch each cooler babes video of approx 5 mins.

So let’s all keep checking this website for further news and we will be posting some preliminary pics at the weekend. Oh and I forgot to mention, I am holding out on all the guys in the office who suddenly seem to be “lighting experts, etc” and it will be business as usual.

If you are a model reading this and would like to be considered, contact Mellissa on or call our office and ask for her. Two photographers will be on site for the shoot and we are lucky enough to have our own fully trained makeup artist who is one of our account managers. 

If you have any fun questions for the “video” model interviews please submit them ASAP below.


Guess the sales of your water will skyrocket as the guys are going to need a long cool drink to lower their blood temperatures after checking these smokin hot babes.
LOL, I suppose that would be a good thing! :-)
@Gena that is a definately a Yes, but wow just the people working at Living Water and making everything possible is amazing. Well done

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