Just when we thought that all the coral reefs in the world had been found, a new one got discovered by scientists at the mouth of the famous Amazon River.

Spanning over 600 miles, scientists were confused as to why no one has ever discovered it before. After the large coral reef was studied, it was found that there were over 73 species of fish, along with starfish, lobsters and 60 species of sponges to be found. Other than that, there was a variety of marine life, along with a rare species of algae roaming the waters of the Amazon River.

This popular new reef is an incredible discovery. It spans from the tip of the French Guiana to Brazil. Scientists claim that the reason why it’s never been discovered before, was because the waters where the reef is located, is filled with mud, which also makes it hard to grasp how corals could thrive in such waters. The reef’s depth ranges from 30 to 120 metres deep. Even though its surface is covered in mud, it seems to still thrive below due to the freshwater flow.

Is the Coral Reef in Danger?

Although only discovered recently, the reef is already considered to be endangered, due to oil drilling companies that are situated relatively close to it. The industrial activities within this region are also said to increase in the next few years, which leaves little hope for the restoration of this newly discovered coral reef.

On another note, scientists find the coral reef quite fascinating, as it provides them insight on the topic of tropical reefs, from right across the world. Learning about how they can thrive in these conditions adds to a further assessment and study of coral reefs. It also helps them understand how coral reefs respond to an increase in global warming.

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