Cambodia is known as a country that has endured a lot, including war and above all else, the scarcity of resources because of it.

It is a country of which 3 million people of the population, that is currently lacking access to safe drinking water. 6.5 Million people are additionally also lacking proper sanitation. These numbers are unimaginable.

Could you imagine if your own country had so many people living without access to safe drinking water, as well as proper sanitation?

No, nobody can, because it’s a severe concern that absolutely no one would ever like to imagine.

The numbers in total account for close to 77% of Cambodians that are living in rural areas, which has an even more adverse effect on rural communities.

Strangely enough, Cambodia’s economy is currently one of the fastest-growing in Asia, yet the GDP/ capita is still low in comparison to other surrounding countries. Currently, access to proper resources is one of the biggest problems the country faces today.

What is Being Done to Help Cambodia?

WaterCredit solution is a program currently focusing on bringing relief to Cambodia by expanding access to affordable financing to water supply, as well as the improvement of sanitation facilities. managed to launch its first WaterCredit Program, created in 2015.

The organization works with ten microfinance companies in Cambodia that help support low-income families. These partners have started lending projects since 2016 and have a goal to reach over 300,000 people within three years, which was achieved in just under two years. believes that they can achieve more with their water projects and initiative to help Cambodian households gain proper access to clean drinking water, as well as improve sanitation facilities within households. This is the main focus for the organization as a lack thereof could lead to illness and fatalities within the country, and only get worse in the future.

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