Ah, South Africa – A place on the African continent that has plenty of silly laws implemented since the lockdown because of the coronavirus.

First, there was an alcohol ban and a cigarette ban implemented in the country since the end of March, which still till today applies in the entire country. However, since the implementation of level 3, relieved measures have allowed for the lifting of the alcohol ban. For some reason that nobody knows, the cigarette ban has remained, and although there is no explanation for it, there are countless other laws implemented that just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Since the commencement of level 3, certain businesses, like hair salons, have also been unable to operate, yet the government is sending hundreds of thousands of children back to schools and colleges. If you think about it, the possibility of social distancing among children is not possible, especially in the masses, yet hair salons are not allowed to operate. What’s even more silly is the fact that surfers have been allowed to surf in the streets, but not the ocean itself.

Let’s call it: ‘Pull-Through-Puddle Surfing’

Thanks to the severely strong winds of Cape Town, surfing on the roads is quite possible. Surfers are now allowed to surf in a torrential downpour. The idea of surfing in the roads on the beachfront in Cape Town came to light when a video made waves on the Facebook Group, Bloubergstranders, where a man was captured surfing through water puddles with the help of being pulled by a car through the puddles on an icy cold day. With level 3 regulations currently in place in June, surfers have not been permitted to return with their surfboards back to the sea. In the video, he pulls off some surfing style stunts that hits quite close to the actual deal surfing on the beachfront itself.