Countries all over the world are currently experiencing water scarcity as one of the biggest issues in their nations today.

Issues surrounding water scarcity is primarily due to climate change, and the toll it’s taking on many different water resources in the world. It is currently leading to more implications than ever before, including damaging coral reefs through bleaching, melting the freshwater glaciers causing sea levels to rise, causing an inconsistent pattern of rainfall all over the world, and affecting the production of food negatively.

These implications are only a few that has placed immense pressure on having to protect the earth, reduce the contributions to global warming as much as possible, and has even led to improved measures to be taken around the world, including protests climate change. Some of the most significant protests have also been led by children, calling for help from their governments to find a way to preserve the earth and its resources as much as possible.

The Impact on Water

  • Evaporation – When the temperature of air increases, more moisture remains in the air, as opposed to cool air. That’s because, when the sun’s temperature increases, more water gets evaporated from lakes, plants, soil, as well as the ocean. Drier conditions left behind by the air negatively affect drinking water, which also has a major impact on agriculture.
  • Precipitation – When extra warm or wet air cools, more rain falls, entering the ground. Most people don’t know this, but when temperatures increase excessively or continue to increase, the earth receives more rain, which has mostly been detected in the US thus far. This could lead to flooding and have also contributed to hurricanes in and around the US.
  • Surface Runoff – Heavier bursts of precipitation, which is caused by wetter or warmer air, may increase the chances of flooding, which has thus far damaged homes, endangered lives, led to fatalities, destroy crops, and damages the economy.

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