Water dispensers refer to a device or a helpful tool that dispenses water. The water it dispenses purifies water, improves our health and is adequate to drink.

Many people around the world have switched to water dispensers, using it as an alternative to tap water and bottled water.

Since water is crucial to maintain our health and wellbeing, water dispensers do a great job at providing us with a clean, filtered source of water, one of which we don’t have to worry about.

Apart from adding these helpful devices to our home, it also has other purposes, which includes providing water from a municipal line and performing functions, including filtering, heating, and cooling water. Different types of water dispensers are used for providing water in various ways.

These devices can become useful in many situations, including at work, schools, and events, apart from inside of your home. They are environmentally friendly and can make the biggest difference in everybody’s lives, but especially in countries where clean drinking water is a myth. Water dispensers can put your mind at ease in knowing that you’re receiving your water from a reliable resource.

Different Types of Water Dispensers and How They Work?

Water dispensers are quite simple, as they deliver water from the source, which is through a spigot or tap, straight to your glass by simply using a knob or button that dispenses the water.

  • Bottled water dispenser

As one of the most common types, this water dispenser is also referred to as a water cooler and has a 5-gallon water bottle which is placed upside down on top of a machine. The system allows gravity, along with vacuum pressure, to fill your glass once the button is pressed, allowing air to enter the bottle, so that what can escape.

  • Mounted water dispenser

This type of water dispenser is also known as a water fountain and can be found in public locations, like parks, office buildings, boardwalks, etc.

  • Point of use water dispenser

These are quite like mounted water dispensers and are used in conjunction with your tap with an existing water line. These can be found in offices and residential homes.

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