You’ve been told the same thing time and time again.

Drinking water is extremely good for your wellbeing. Not only is it good for cleansing your body, keeping you looking young and feeling healthy, but it also offers your body many other benefits, including keeping your skin looking even, hydrated and above all else, clear.

The biggest problem society faces nowadays, is looking for solutions to solve problems one may have related to health, beauty, and longevity. People often seek solutions in the pharmaceutical and beauty market. However, there’s a much cheaper and healthier way to look after your skin.

Plus, apart from possibly paying for a filter, you don’t have to worry about paying hundreds to thousands of Rands on products or supplements that may or may not serve you well.

Every person suffering from acne knows how important and necessary it is to clear up their skin. For teenagers, it may seem normal to have acne, but when you’re an adult, everything changes. You become more self-conscious about how your skin looks and are more likely to invest money into fixing it.

Why Water for Your Skin

Water can clear up your skin. Not because it’s some sort of magic elixir, but because your water consists of about 70% of your entire body. That includes your blood, mucus, lymph, as well as your brain, which appears in the form of a fluid.

Consuming a lot of water, up to three liters daily works for your body because it serves two very important functions.

  1. It eliminates waste and toxins from your body, including chemicals that may have entered your body through food, pollution, and liquids.
  2. It is responsible for carrying nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals to the necessary parts of your body, including your organs and bodily systems.

Since your skin is considered the largest organ in your body, a lot of water is required to sustain it. Drinking more water will leave you feeling healthier, and your skin looking more clear and vibrant than ever before.