London water cooler comparisons All our dispensers are equivalent to upgrading from a small hatchback to a Rolls  Royce without the additional cost.

Living – Water Competition
Design attractive and eye catching Ugly white looking dispenser
Our coolers either have stainless steel inside tanks or the patented auto-sanitization system allowing a six minute steam clean the customers convenience Plastic inner reservoir attracting bacteria & receiving harsh chemical cleaning.
Inbuilt computer- electronic  ID and cooler information can be downloaded allowing us to monitor bottles consumed, sanitization and fault diagnoses allows us to pre-plan delivery patterns Ad hoc suck and see approach
We match the coolers cooling to the customers requirement providing either direct chill, ice bank or reservoir cooling. Wait of 1-2 hours for cooled water after every bottle change or cleaning
Spike, which prevents any bottle spill Unhygienic water spillage each time a bottle is changed
Constant hot and cold temperature… Our Living-Water stainless steel cooler also allows the user to boost the hot to ensure a super hot cupper Varying cold and hot water temperature , either heats or cools but not both at same time
Electronic taps = No direct contact between hands and water Direct contact hands and water with the push type tap
Possibility of ambient, hot and cold with friendly compressor gas or electronic cooling Only choice of two materials
Modern, super strong, shock proof material Old ugly, poor quality materials
Wheels for easy movement Fixed and immovable
Integrated drip tray with automatic evaporation – no need to empty drip tray or stagnant water Regular removable and cleaning of drip trays
Personalized colours available according to company logo, ect – Hand painted Standard white or black plastic
Reasonable weight at base and solid Easily knocked over and insecure
High easy to reach buttons. Low and unwieldy buttons and faucets


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