There is a significant contrast between South America abd North America. It is especially true when it comes to water and basic sanitation.


Shockingly, there are currently over 137,000 Paraguayans that don’t have access to safe drinking water. As a popular country in South America, with a population of nearly 7 million, at least 22% of the population are living below the breadline of poverty.

With that number in mind, it’s also shocking to know that a lot of children aren’t even going to secondary school, which furthermore adds to, not only the present but future unequal income distribution. The country also currently suffers from poor water delivery and inadequate sanitation practices, especially in rural communities. A lot of communities also don’t have proper access to power.


With only 4,1 million Peruvians don’t have access to safe drinking water. That’s just Peruvians alone, as there is a total of 32 million people living in South America. With many attempts and efforts to improve water and sanitation in Peru, poverty still causes malnutrition in both children and adults, a lack of education and child labour.


Today, 27,605 Surinamers don’t have access to safe drinking water. Although a small country, situated in the north of Brazil, it has a population of just over half a million. A big population of Surinamers, the Maroons, are experiencing the greatest need for water, as they live in rural regions in the country. Other than portable water, they also have the least access to electricity, sanitation and primary healthcare, as well as education.


With 1,1 million Bolivians that don’t have access to safe drinking water, that a 10th of its total residents. 38.6% also live below the poverty line. Even though Bolivia has many natural minerals and utilises mining as one of their main industries, pollution doesn’t hide from any country, whatsoever. Their mining facilities have caused pollution in their water resources, which is set to increase within the next few years, if not dealt with properly.

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