In order to avoid dehydration, we need to drink sufficient water on a regular basis, thereby avoiding headaches, nausea, fatigue, urinary problems, mood swings, constipation, irritability, kidney and liver problems, cancer, colon problems, allergic reactions, and even coma or death.

The problem is that many individuals do not want to or cannot drink tap water due to the chemicals used to sanitise the water and vestiges of pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs that can often be found in tap water.

So, if you do not want to drink tap water, you can either spend thousands annually on bottled water, or invest in a water cooler that can provide you with chilled, filtered drinking water. Bottled water is really not the best choice, as it is expensive and most bottles end up damaging the eco-system.

Spring water is the healthiest water that one can drink, because it has a perfectly balanced PH of 7.5, is 100% free of any sort of contamination, promotes growth in cells because it has the perfect mineral composition, is low in magnesium and calcium, and is even safe for babies to drink.

Bottled spring water is great, if you are 100% sure that what is on the label is the truth; many companies have been caught bottling ordinary tap water and selling it as mineral water from some distant land. Then of course you still have the bottle-problem.

Water coolers are great because they can provide you with chilled, great-tasting drinking water virtually 24/7, but they don’t dispense mineral water – or do they?

Living-Water offers a range of bottled water coolers that dispense Living-Water Spring Water which sourced from a natural underground spring in the Wenlock range, on the border of the Welsh Marches in South Shropshire Hills, where it is also bottled.

So, for the best of all worlds when it comes to drinking water, contact Living-Water today for a free water-needs assessment and quote on our bottled water coolers.