Tap water is something that we all have grown up drinking, and is expected to be drinkable, right?

It’s not something we are supposed to fear, especially because it’s the connectivity of water pipes is the only means of reaching our homes.

However, have you ever thought about what’s going on inside of your taps? Do you trust the quality thereof and is it safe to drink?

Given the numerous questions paired with the quality of tap water, it’s best we set some things straight. Like, for instance, why is your tap water white?

Tap water in its original form should be clear, but what if it’s white? Do you just leave it until it turns back to its normal see-through color and then drink it, or is it a warning sign not to drink it at all?

Tap Water Answers: Why is Tap Water Sometimes White?

Now, we’re sure you’ve heard about the answer, “it’s white because there’s chlorine in it”, but chlorine is a chemical and don’t chemicals have adverse effects on our bodies?

While that is a good answer and something to think about, in most cases, chances are it’s something else. For instance, the white color in tap water can be caused solely by excessive air that is trapped inside your water pipes, or perhaps even the main supply of water.

This leads to a high build-up of pressure, which then forms air bubbles that are then released once the taps are opened.

The trapped air then dissolves inside the water. When running a tap, the built-up pressure gets released, which forms air bubbles, hence the ever so often white appearance. This occurrence is called aeration and doesn’t make your tap water unsafe to consume. In fact, the quality remains the same. All you must do is wait for the color out after pouring it, as it is bound to turn back to its original non-existing color in no time.

Reasons Why Tap Water May Look White

  • Issues with residential plumbing
  • Pressure changes in your main supply systems
  • The main supply system undergoing repairs
  • Hot water heaters causing trapped air to be released more easily once water is heated

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