The ocean is filled with an unlimited amount of different fish species. These species or the count of each will never be able to be calculated, due to the increasing quantity of fish on daily. Not only do they grow in numbers at a rapid rate, but they also have an endless source of habitats in the ocean, which they travel through their entire lives.

That is for those who live in the ocean. There are also many fish species that can be found in either freshwater or aquariums, which are considered one of the most beautiful and popular places to visit, given that you’d like to explore animal wildlife.

An aquarium can best be described as a facility that has one or more transparent side, which displays aquatic plants and marine species.

The biggest aquariums in the world not only teaches us about marine life, but it also allows us to get up close with the fishes and serves as a major tourist attraction in countries all over the world.

A List of the Biggest Aquariums in the World

  • The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Containing a volume of 12.9 million gallons, the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is recognized as the largest aquarium in both Asia and the world. This spectacular setup of wonder has 7 different aquatic-themed divisions, all of which each symbolizes a specific part of the ocean.

  • Oceanografic

Located in Spain, Oceangrafic is the largest aquarium in all of Europe. It is home to over 45,000 animals, with 500 different species. Some of their most popular species include dolphins, fish species, sea lions and sharks. This aquarium is noticed as one of the leading tourist attractions in Valencia.

  • The Marine Life Park

With a water capacity of 12 million gallons, this aquarium is a phenomenal facility and is part of a resort, Resort World Sentosa, which is in Singapore. It is home to over 10 000 marine wildlife and has more than 800 species.

  • The Georgia Aquarium

This aquarium is in Atlanta, in the United States, and has a 10-million-gallon capacity of water. It was known as the biggest aquarium in the world, up until 2012 and contains 10,000 marine animals, with 500 different species.

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