How would you like to play a significant part in saving the whale shark species, which is considered as reaching the borderline of extinction?

Known and recognized as the largest giants of the ocean, these species, next to the basking sharks, the second largest shark in the world, is described as the gentle giants roaming the waters in fear of being seen by mankind.

Not because they necessarily know what dangers awaits them by seeing a fishing boat, for example, but because they are unaware of the danger some humans intend to cause them, which is killing them, all for the purpose of making money.

How cruel can humans be?

We ask this question with the hope that it would be regarded as a rhetorical question, yet it is not. It is serious and if one could describe it as being inhumane, it might’ve made a difference, but because humans, especially those who believe that all marine species are to be hunted without constraint or even acknowledging the damage that’s being done to the ocean, which has been normalized in society, it cannot be classified as such in any way.

Yet, it is. Looking at these incredible creatures, and swimming with them peacefully, might change your mind.

Adopting a Whale Shark

You can change the future in some sense. All of us can leave a mark on the world, along with the sustainability of the species and the entire earth, which one day, we will leave behind.

Being sold on the Asian market for their fins, which is to be cooked for shark soup, something tasteless, that doesn’t even justify the killing of these unique species, makes the human species seem rather sad.

By adopting a whale shark today, you can help ensure the future of these species, which are being killed more rapidly with each passing day.

You could help ensure the sustainability of the oceans and help fight pollution, which endangers all shark species, along with other marine species. You can also help fight climate change, and most importantly, protect the whale shark species.

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