Water Filtration and Water Purification Drinking water regularly is vital because we need to keep the balance of fluids in our body at 70% but this is not always that easy as the population spurt, modernisation and a growth in industry has led to a lot of pollution which is affecting the quality of our drinking water.

Unfortunately, this means that a staggering, 90% of the world’s water is contaminated in one way or the other, and this means that virtually all water needs to be treated before it is fit for human consumption. If this is not done and we drink water containing pollutants we could get very ill and possibly even die.

Drinking water needs to be cleansed of any contaminants, and this can be done using various methods such as water filtration and water purification:

Water Filtration

Water filtration is the basic method of filtering out impurities via some sort of biological process, via the use of certain chemicals, or by forcing the water through some type of physical barrier such as a cloth or fine mesh.

Boiling water before drinking it is about the simplest form of filtration as it can get rid of most impurities and can be done at home or in the wild when camping.

Moving water through a carbon filter is also an easy way to cleanse water of toxins and also a method that can safely be used virtually anywhere because it does not require big machinery or expensive equipment.

Water Purification

Water Purification differs from water filtration because whereas filtration is only used to remove larger contaminants such as sand, leaves, etc. from water, purification is used to remove contaminants that one cannot usually see, such as chemicals, biological contaminants, viruses, and other materials. Water purification is a chemical process that can make use of chlorine or iodine.

Both of these methods will make water drinkable, but neither is fool proof on its own. One method to ensure that your drinking water is totally pure is to make use of a water cooler fitted with a good filter.

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