Executive Water Cooler

Living-Water Executive Water Cooler

The stylish looking Executive Water Cooler will enhance any office while the fully integrated 100 cup dispenser solves storage issues. A choice of 3 different colour side panels are available for customisation. Explore the executive cold water dispensers today!


The Executive Water Cooler is available for rental at £3/week

The water cooler has three taps offering a choice of cool, ambient and hot water, while solid metal levers built to last and providing a quality feel.


  • Height: 110cm
  • Width: 26cm
  • Depth: 39cm
  • Weight: 20kg


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Executive bottled water cooler features include:

  • No messy drip tray to empty as minor spills simply drain into a metal tray inside the cold water dispenser where they evaporate using wasted heat from the condenser.
  • Patented “water cassette” – changeable in seconds and easy to access. Cuts time-consuming sanitisation with 100% guaranteed hygiene.
  • Vacuum Insulated Hot Tank – 25 times more energy efficient than all other hot tanks
  • Fast Flow Rate – the cooler stores a far greater quantity of chilled water than its competitors, making it a far better solution for the larger office.
  • Rugged build quality – the cooler body is made with ultra strong and durable ABS Polymer – meaning your cooler will be both robust and low maintenance.
  • Advanced Spike System – the super clean spike has been specially developed to ensure that water from leaking bottle caps will not contaminate into the drinking water.
  • Leak Prevention Spike – water cooler leaks are most commonly caused by pinholes in bottles and these are prevented by the unique leak prevention spike, which ensures that pinholes in water bottles never cause leaks.
  • Constant Water Temperature – constant monitoring of the water temperature ensures it is kept stable. This reduces energy wastage and saves on running costs of this cold water dispenser.

Find out how your cooler is sanitized and how Living-Water sanitizes our coolers.

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