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Get your questions answered with some of Living-Water Ltd. frequently asked questions.

Living-Water Ltd. FAQs

Living-Water Ltd delivers water coolers and water to the following areas:

Living-Water Ltd. rental prices start from £1/week

Have a look at our water cooler rental page.

Water delivery is FREE throughout London.

Speak to one of our sales specialists for water price. 0203 139 9051 or

Our crystal clean natural spring water emerges deep from its natural, underground source filtering through the geologically famous rock strata of the Wenlock mountain range.

Read more on our natural spring water.

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can provide you with a 7 day free water cooler trial and 1 bottle of our natural spring water.

  • Our free trial is 100% cost and obligation free.
  • By taking one of our water coolers on a trial, you have the opportunity to witness first hand how much a sleek, slimline cooler can add to your office.
  • In addition you have the opportunity to try our spring water and experience our tailored customer service.

No, Living-Water also sell brand new water coolers. Have a look at our online store to buy water coolers.

Alternatively speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler purchase prices. 0203 139 9051 or

Yes, Living-Water Ltd offer temporary water cooler rentals for events, special occasions, conferences, parties, construction sites, functions and many more.

We also have long term water cooler rental contracts.

Yes, we supply residential homes with both bottled water coolers and mains water coolers. Free water cooler trial available.

Read more on home water coolers.

Yes we do offer discounts for multiple water coolers. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler discounts. 0203 139 9051 or

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can price match if you have other quotes from other water companies. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler quote price matching. 0203 139 9051 or

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. offer free water needs assessment.

Read more on our free site survey.

Rental of our water coolers covers the following:

  • Free delivery
  • Free maintenance + servicing
  • Free repairs / replacements and callouts
  • Free upgrades

Read more on our water cooler rental options.

Living-Water Ltd. accepts payments in BACS, credit/debit card, cheque.

Yes, you can change from bottled to mains water coolers if your requirements change.

We sell the following bottle sizes:

  • 13 litre bottles
  • 18.9 litre bottles

Living-Water Ltd sells 9oz plastic cups (Boxed in 2,000).

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