Living-Water Short Term Water Coolers


Living-Water Ltd now offer temporary water cooler rentals for events, special occasions, conferences, parties, construction sites, functions and many more.

Temporary Short Term Water Coolers

Living-Water is committed to provide short term water cooler hire with delivery, maintenance and natural spring water supply.

Our state of the art premier bottled water coolers can be hired for any period, ranging from one day to several months. We are Wimbledon based and can deliver the water cooler on short notice within the London area.

Living-Water works with a wide variety of short term bottled water cooler customers. We understand the logistics of temporary water cooler rentals and water supply, and have the agility to meet your changing requirements.

We have over 10 years experience in the water cooler business which includes short term water dispenser rentals.

Our support engineers and admin staff are on standby to process and deliver any water or water cooler requests Mondays to Fridays.

Temporary Water Dispenser Hire

Our temporary water cooler solutions range from entry level to stainless steel executive units. We can provide hydration solutions for big or small building sites, events and even caterers. Have a look at our range of bottled water coolers below.

Our Range of Temporary Bottled Water Coolers


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Executive Water Cooler
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Stainless Steel

stainless steel water cooler
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