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We offer a range of mains fed / plumbed in water coolers for rental.


Our Range of Mains Fed Water Dispensers


Continuum Water Cooler


Fountain Water Cooler

Executive POU

executive pou

Stainless POU


Under Counter

under counter cooler

Hot Water Boilers

Hot Water Boilers

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    Mains Fed Water Dispensers for Office and Home

    Mains water coolers – also known as plumbed water coolers / point-of-use (POU) – can offer an extremely cost effective drinking water solution in larger office environments. Our plumbed water dispenser models include the Continuum, Fountain, Pure, Executive POU, Under Counter Chiller and Hot Water Boilers.

    Advantages of Mains Fed / Plumbed in vs Bottled Water Coolers

    • Save Space – no bottle storage space is required.
    • Environmentally Friendly Option – reduce your carbon footprint to one third of bottled water coolers and lessen your impact on the environment
    • Great Cost Savings: Unlimited amounts of water will be supplied at a cost of less than £1 per cooler per day with the capacity to service approximately 50 members of staff
    • No More Hassle of constant / daily deliveries and delivery men
    • Simple Invoicing – one set monthly bill
    • Guaranteed Water Quality – no sell by date on mains water, no possibility of green bottles, no water cooling tank with stagnant water and filter systems ensure highest quality consistently
    • Unlimited Amounts of Water – No more summer shortages – takes all the hassle out of providing fresh water for your staff

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get your questions answered with some of Living-Water Ltd. frequently asked questions.

    Yes, we do offer discounts for multiple water coolers. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler discounts. 0203 139 9051 or

    Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can price match if you have other quotes from other water companies. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler quote price matching. 0203 139 9051 or

    Yes, Living-Water Ltd. offer free no obligation water needs assessment.

    Read more on our free site survey.

    Why Use Mains Water Coolers?

    Mains Water CoolersMains water coolers eliminate the hassle of storing and changing heavy bottles, or the waste of throwing away millions of disposable plastic bottles, and these units are easily connected directly to our existing water lines.

    While we’re lucky that mains water in the UK is safe to drink, it doesn’t always taste how we’d like it to. A mains water filter system will remove the impurities and offer you water that tastes almost as good as natural spring water.

    More About Our Mains / Plumbed in Water Dispensers

    At Living Water, we offer a wide range of mains / plumbed in cooler systems which includes the ever popular Continuum, the Fountain, the Pure, the Executive and the under counter. All POU coolers can be fitted with water filters. Choose between a mains fed water dispenser or bottled water cooler today!

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