Living-Water Fountain Cooler

Living-Water Fountain Cooler

The Fountain attaches to the mains water supply to provide consistently high-quality drinking water over prolonged periods, with only minimal maintenance.


The Drinking Fountain Water Cooler

The reliability of our Fountain means it can be found in schools, factories, leisure centres or anywhere that needs a medium to large cooling capacity.

The Living-Water Fountain stainless steel body is not only stylish, but also very easy to keep clean. The Fountain can have a combination of dispenser jet and/or a swan neck dispenser. It uses direct chill technology and also has the added advantage of having a drain away system.

Fountain water cooler features include:

  • Chills the water directly, without recourse to a reservoir, thus avoiding build-ups of water.
  • Optional filters can easily be attached to improve the taste and aroma of the water dispensed.
  • Rugged – these machines have a small footprint, are very rugged and durable and are available as floor standing or wall-mounted.
  • Extensive range of taps allows the water to be dispensed into a cup or accessed directly.


Height: 1015mm(Glass filler height: 290mm)
Width: 305mm
Depth: 305mm
Weight: 25.6kg

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