Flakes found in water, are primarily caused by refrigerator water dispensers. These flakes are mostly brown and are caused due to dispenser filters becoming contaminated. However, you may have also noticed white and black flakes in water before.

Mineral deposits derived from hard water, causes white flakes, while black flakes are caused due to mold that grows in your water dispenser. Black flakes are considerably the most unappealing of all and should not be consumed whatsoever.

Even though flakes may appear in water at some point, there are solutions to get rid of it. Nontoxic flakes, for instance, are caused as a result of hard water, which can only be prevented or resolved by relocating the water dispenser to an area with softer water. These solutions require additional filters to be added to the water dispenser.

The Main Causes of Flakes Found in Water Dispensers

There are three main causes of flakes that appear in your water dispenser.

These include filter contamination, mineral deposits, and mold growth.

When water fills the filter on its way to the water dispenser, debris gets removed from the filter. You can prevent or rectify this issue by filtering the water dispenser with chlorine and thereafter, make use of carbon filtering, which will help get rid of contaminants, including chemicals that may cause cancer and diminish lead inside.

The second main cause of flakes found in water dispensers is mineral deposits, including calcium and lime. These are present in hard water and may appear in the form of white flakes inside water. The deposit of these flakes can build up in a water dispenser, which clogs water lines. When the white flakes break away, minerals emerge from within the water dispenser, which can be temporarily removed when cleaning refrigerator water dispensers by using cleansers that contains sequestrants.

Finally, mold growth also triggers the production of flakes. When you see flakes in your water/ water dispenser, you should know that there is mold close by. It can be in either the water tank, pipes, spigots, filters, nozzles, etc. The production of mold can be prevented by cleaning the dispenser on a regular basis and bleaching it to ensure that the dispenser is clean.

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