There’s no doubt that hydration is a significant driver of workplace productivity, with many offices purchasing water coolers or mains-fed water filters to keep employees thriving. Challenging economic times and a rising remote work culture have seen many UK office spaces shrinking in size, posing a problem for those purchasing traditional bulky water coolers for office spaces. But the space requirements of traditional water coolers needn’t become an added worry. Living Water UK supplies a range of compact water coolers for rent or purchase across the greater London area, ensuring optimal hydration and customer satisfaction.

Let’s unpack the unique challenges of supplying filtered water coolers to smaller offices and uncover the benefits of clean water supplies at the office:

Challenges posed by smaller office spaces

When you’re already in a tight office space, maximising every square inch of the area becomes crucial. In environments like these, large appliances such as traditional water coolers can take up precious space where desks or other furniture items could go. 

Compromising on clean water for hydration and productivity is not an option. It becomes essential to source a water cooler for the office that not only removes contaminants from the mains water supply but also fits neatly into the limited area provided. 

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Compact water coolers for the office

Benefits of compact office water coolers

Designed with space-saving in mind, compact water coolers provide the answer for business owners looking to save on legroom and contribute to an optimised layout. 

Less bulky water coolers for offices (and homes) easily fit into tight corners, narrow hallways, top-of-counter, and under-counter spaces to maximise available space for getting the work done. 

Armed with all the same advanced filtration systems (to remove any byproducts and harmful chemicals such as solvents, lead, chlorine and other synthetic chemicals without removing the necessary minerals from the mains-supplied water) and environmental benefits (such as saving on single-use plastics) as traditional water coolers, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability while saving on space. 

By choosing a filtered water cooler, you can empower your team with a reliable source of clean water, promoting a healthier work environment, even with space constraints.

Select the water cooler best suited to your office

Each office space and employer has unique requirements and priorities for finding the ideal water cooler for their business. 

Here are some options tailored to fit different office scenarios:

#1 Tabletop water cooler

The stylish, compact and sturdy design of the tabletop water cooler makes it a real option for many professionals seeking a stylish countertop option for their office space. 

With a 1-gallon capacity and hot and cold water options, managers will be spoilt for choice when taking a breather from the meetings and desk work. Incorporating all the latest technology, combining proven reliability and functionality with increased hygiene, it gives employees the hydration boost they need to conquer their goals. 

#2  Continuum mains cooler

Manufactured by Borg & Overstrom, this office water cooler combines innovation and affordability. Featuring a lift-out drip tray with a removable grid for easy cleaning, a thermistor heat sensor, electronics for a stable hot temperature, a strong build quality for durability, and a hinged lower door for easy filter access, this water cooler is built with your office needs in mind. 

The Continuum Mains Cooler employs advanced filtration systems that remove impurities and contaminants and provide a pristine and refreshing taste. It may be the ideal solution for your space limitations. 

Employees celebrate hydration and productivity

#3 Under-counter water chiller

In compact office environments, where every inch of counter space is already put to good use, there isn’t room for a countertop water cooler. This is where our final option puts up its hand (metaphorically)

Forget the hassle of managing the supply of clean drinking water to your office and say hello to a reliable source of clean, chilled, hot, ambient, still, or sparkling water. Its sealed ice-bank technology ensures a constant supply of chilled water with no requirement for sanitisation operations. It comes in two options – 30 litres/h or 45 litres/h – and has a range of filters to optimise your water quality. 

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Proudly servicing over 5,600 satisfied customers, Living Water UK offers free installation, site assessment, next-day deliveries, cooler repairs, and maintenance. We are all about providing the greater London area with cool, clean water with no hidden costs and no delivery charges. 

Enjoy a 7-day free trial and experience the thirst-quenching satisfaction of compact water coolers for your office today.