If you’re looking for a helpful tool to add to your daily life, then a water cooler may just very well be the best addition to your daily routine. It can provide you with access to more than enough water, either cold or hot, and serves as one of the safest methods to consume water.

Water coolers can be perfect for either your home, school or office, especially because it can provide water on demand for a lot of individuals. The bottle-fed water dispenser is considered one of the best water dispensers to serve big groups of people. The machine works from retrieving water from a bottle that is placed on top of the cooler.

The Mechanics on How Water Coolers Work

The bottle has an inverted design and gets placed in the opening on top of the cooler. The cooler has a seal that is punctured to allow for water to flow inside of the water cooler.

It also contains valves, which prevents the bottled water from rapidly flooding into the cooler. This ensures that only the required amount of water flows out of the dispenser when opening it.

Water feeds into a reservoir and is then cooled in a refrigerating source. Refrigerants act as cooling mediums that circulates water to ensure that it is adequate, safe and easy to consume.

Inside pipes, which are can be found close to the water reservoir in the cooler. The refrigerant will change from liquid to gas when it makes its way through the pipes to the reservoir, due to the pressure inside of the pipes, which is created by the compressor in the water cooler.

When the gas gets cooled, the water will get colder, as the pipe gets forced through the valve. Once the refrigerant is in gas form, it circulates inside of the pipes and can absorb heat from the water inside the water cooler reservoir. As the water gets dispensed, the machine refills the reservoir, which restarts the entire process again.

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