Office Water Coolers in London

Living-Water supplies water coolers to organisations in the greater London area.

We offer clients an extensive range of office water options – from mains water coolers which filter standard mains water to bottled water dispensers which dispense spring water.

Our spring water comes from a natural source in the Wenlock range, offering crystal clear natural spring water from a deep, underground source which has been filtered through the geologically famous Wenlock rock strata.

The long filtration process – our water has taken millions of years to reach your water cooler - results in a refreshing, sweet tasting water that has a good balance of minerals.

For further information on our products or to request a quote for a water cooler system, please contact us by phone, email or by using our live chat feature.

Recent Blog Posts

By BlogTeam on 28 July 2014
Drinking water is essential to keep our bodies fully hydrated. The human body consists of about 70% water, but we lose this throughout the day via sweating, urination, breathing and various other methods. We need to drink water throughout the day to replace this loss bodily fluid and keep the body’s fluids balanced so that we can operate at our...
By BlogTeam on 28 July 2014
If you are like me who sits behind a computer working all day, then you too might suddenly realise after a few hours that you have not had anything to drink and are mightily thirsty.  My clients certainly like the fact that I am dedicated, as they always get their work ahead of schedule, but my body is not that happy.The problem of sitting...
By BlogTeam on 28 July 2014
The human body is 70% water, which we lost through sweating, breathing, urination and various other methods throughout the day. We must replace the lost liquids to ensure a balance of bodily fluids and good health.The old maxim was always that we all need to drink 8 glasses of water per day to remain completely hydrated, but the thinking around...


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