Office Water Coolers in London

Living-Water supplies water coolers to organisations in the greater London area.

We offer clients an extensive range of office water options – from mains water coolers which filter standard mains water to bottled water dispensers which dispense spring water.

Our spring water comes from a natural source in the Wenlock range, offering crystal clear natural spring water from a deep, underground source which has been filtered through the geologically famous Wenlock rock strata.

The long filtration process – our water has taken millions of years to reach your water cooler - results in a refreshing, sweet tasting water that has a good balance of minerals.

For further information on our products or to request a quote for a water cooler system, please contact us by phone, email or by using our live chat feature.

And if you’d like to check us out in real time, please feel free to browse a live CCTV feed from our London water delivery company headquarters.

Recent Blog Posts

office water cooler company
By Lu on 13 March 2014
Water coolers are a common sight in offices around the world as we become more health and environmentally conscious. Providing employees and clients with water is the standard now as it’s repeatedly been proven that well-hydrated individuals are healthier – and more productive. Selecting a water cooler company can however be a long and arduous...
By admin on 28 February 2014
If you’re having water delivered your office, it means you can enjoy a refreshing glass of water at the turn of a tap. Not everyone in the world is this fortunate. UNICEF estimates that 768 million people across the globe live without access to safe, clean drinking water.The dangers attached to using or consuming unsafe water are primarily health...
By Lu on 10 February 2014
Traditionally water coolers have only provided chilled water. Our water coolers however now can dispense water at up to three different temperatures - hot, cold and ambient temperature water. Our coolers that come equipped with a boiler and a hot water dispenser have to proven to be especially popular. And it's no wonder as there are a multitude...

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