Office Water Coolers in London

Living-Water supplies water coolers to organisations in the greater London area.

We offer clients an extensive range of office water options – from mains water coolers which filter standard mains water to bottled water dispensers which dispense spring water.

Our spring water comes from a natural source in the Wenlock range, offering crystal clear natural spring water from a deep, underground source which has been filtered through the geologically famous Wenlock rock strata.

The long filtration process – our water has taken millions of years to reach your water cooler - results in a refreshing, sweet tasting water that has a good balance of minerals.

For further information on our products or to request a quote for a water cooler system, please contact us by phone, email or by using our live chat feature.

Would you rather purchase a cooler than rent one? Visit our online store and buy office water cooler or water fountain

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