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Living-Water Bottled Water Coolers

We offer a range of bottled water coolers for rent or sale. The Star, the Executive, Stainless Steel and the Table Top.

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Our Range of Bottled Water Coolers


Star Water Cooler
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Executive Water Cooler
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Stainless Steel

stainless steel water cooler
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Tabletop Water Cooler
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Benefits of Bottled Water Coolers

  • More convenient – no small bottles
  • Temperature – water can be hot or cold immediately
  • Water quality – no tap water, but soft natural spring water
  • Portability – Easy to move location at home or office
  • Environmental friendly – one big water bottle vs lots of small bottles

Bottled Water Dispenser

Bottled water coolersEach of our water coolers has been designed to dispense our own Living-Water spring water from the Wenlock range. View other bottled water coolers from our online store here.

Bottled water coolers are perfect for our more discerning customers who want to offer staff access to pure spring water.

To find out how your office will be a happier one with a water cooler installed, read our blog.

Alternatively here are some ways in which your home will benefit from a water cooler.

Read more of the advantages of office bottled water coolers here and compare bottled water coolers here

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered with some of Living-Water Ltd. frequently asked questions.

Living-Water Ltd delivers water coolers and water to the following areas:

Living-Water Ltd. rental prices start from £1/week

Have a look at our water cooler rental page.

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can provide you with a 7 day free water cooler trial and 1 bottle of our natural spring water.

  • Our free trial is 100% cost and obligation free.
  • By taking one of our water coolers on a trial, you have the opportunity to witness first hand how much a sleek, slimline cooler can add to your office.
  • In addition you have the opportunity to try our spring water and experience our tailored customer service.

Get a Discount on Multiple Water Coolers

Bulk / wholesale water cooler quantities (5+ coolers) competitive deals available for businesses. Get a quote from one of our sales specialists today!

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Speak to one of our sales specialists for rental options for our bottled water cooler solutions. 0203 139 9051 or

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Which Water Cooler is the Best for My Office?

Living-Water Ltd. bottled water coolers can be purchased in our online store. Speak to sales specialist 0203 139 9051 or

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