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Living-Water Cooler Rental

Tired of paying for poor service?  Exploring water coolers for the first time?  Take the hassle out of providing water coolers for your home or office by renting a water cooler from Living-Water, starting from £1/week.

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Bottled Water Coolers London Rental


The Starter Water Cooler
  • Simple, reliable and efficient
  • WaterGuard technology – no bottle spills
  • £1/week
  • Rental

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Stainless Steel

stainless steel water cooler
  • Modern, stainless steel design
  • Large front port
  • No Leak Tech
  • £2.5/week
  • Rental

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executive water cooler
  • Upmarket
  • 8 colours
  • WaterTrail sanitisation
  • No Leak Tech
  • £3/week
  • Rental contract

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Tabletop Water Cooler
  • Compact, space-saving solution
  • Stainless steel
  • Waterguard
  • £2/week
  • Rental contract

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Why Choose Living-Water?

  • Brand NEW coolers supplied
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE installation
  • FREE site assessment
  • FREE 7 day trial
  • FREE Next day deliveries or call-outs
  • FREE cooler repairs & maintenance
  • Full Member of the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) ensuring highest quality standards
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Latest in hygiene innovation – only Stainless Steel reservoirs or Ultimate hygiene WaterTrail replacements
  • NO hidden costs – NO delivery charges
  • NO congestion charges – NO fuel surcharges

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered with some of Living-Water Ltd. frequently asked questions.

Yes we do offer discounts for multiple water coolers. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler discounts. 0203 139 9051 or info@living-water.co.uk

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can price match if you have other quotes from other water companies. Speak to one of our sales specialists for water cooler quote price matching. 0203 139 9051 or info@living-water.co.uk

Yes, Living-Water Ltd. can provide you with a 7 day free water cooler trial and 1 bottle of our natural spring water.

  • Our free trial is 100% cost and obligation free.
  • By taking one of our water coolers on a trial, you have the opportunity to witness first hand how much a sleek, slimline cooler can add to your office.
  • In addition you have the opportunity to try our spring water and experience our tailored customer service.

Advantages of Renting vs Buying Water Coolers

  • Free delivery
  • Free maintenance + servicing
  • Free repairs / replacements and callouts
  • Free upgrades

Plumbed In / Mains Fed Water Coolers London Rental

Speak to one of our sales specialists for rental options for our plumbed in / mains fed water cooler solutions. 0203 139 9051 or info@living-water.co.uk

Read more of our plumbed in water cooler solutions. Living-Water Ltd. rent hot water boilers, drinking water fountains and under counter chiller.

Bulk / wholesale water cooler quantities (5+ coolers) competitive deals available for businesses. Get a quote from one of our sales specialists today! 0203 139 9051 or info@living-water.co.uk

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BWCA Member

As London’s leading water cooler rental company for the last 10 years, as well as full membership with the BWCA (British Water Cooler Association), you can be assured of Living-Water’s excellent service levels and uncompromising commitment to quality standards and cooler hygiene.

Free 7 Day Water Cooler Trial

ORDER YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW– DELIVERY WITHIN 48HRS!!! (No Cost! No Obligation!).  Get a FREE quote for bulk quantities of water coolers and water delivery in London. Today!

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