London’s Environmentally Friendly Water Company

Living-Water Ltd is working hard with Carbon Digest to become carbon free. Sustainability really matters to us and how we assess our carbon footprint is calculated by looking at all areas of our business:

Cutting Power Consumption

We have implemented strict new policies: all lights, air conditioning and computers must be switched off in our call centre, warehouse and bottling plant at all times outside of office hours. All walls are to be painted white to reflect natural light and reduce unnecessary electricity usage. Staff are prevented from access to printing (wonderful additional cost savings as well!) and all printer cartridges are to be recycled. To ensure we meet these guidelines we have implemented a strict system of internal staff fines with all monies going to our dedicateSettingsd office water charity.

Reuseable Spring Water Bottles

Yearly an estimated 50 000 tonnes of plastic bottles end up in land refill dumps. We only buy the very best bottles so we can re-clean them up to 50 times. Subsequently all bottles are sent for recycling at the end of their working life and do not litter land refill sites.

Since 2008 we have planted through Carbon Digest a new tree for every additional cooler supplied -and since 2009 Living-Water has been a carbon neutral company.





We are committed to:

  • Upgrading our entire vehicle fleet to liquid gas vans and meeting goals on vehicle emissions
  • Locating our warehouse in as close proximity to our customers as possible
  • Only using gas powered forklifts in our warehouse

Where possible we are committed to:

  • Installing mains (POU) water cooler solutions as agreed with the customer
  • Sourcing our water coolers in the UK or Europe
  • Supplying only water coolers using environmentally friendly R134A compressor gases
  • Always sourcing the most power efficient office water coolers

This is how we compare to our competitors

Help the environment one cooler cup at a time

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