With Level 3 instated in Cape Town as of December 2018, water restrictions have decreased, since the passing drought of 2018.

This means that personal water consumption has increased from 70 to 105 liters per person, for daily consumption. Tariffs for water consumption has thus, also been changed and will continue to change in the future, in accordance with what the city needs.

Residential Tariffs in Cape Town Has Decreased:

0–6 kL: Decreased 35% from R24,37/kL to R15.73/kL
6–10,5 kL: Decreased 60% from R39.59/kL to R22.38/kL
10–35 kL: Decreased 47% from R60.25/kL to R31.77/kL
Above 35 kL: Decreased 79% from R345/kL to R69.76/kL

As seen above, the tariffs have significantly decreased, and residents hope that it remains as such.

Commercial and industrial tariffs have also decreased:

Decreased 33% from R43.13/kL to R28.82/kL

Level 3 Irrigation Rules Relaxed

Irrigation rules have changed hence the implementation of level 3 restrictions being relaxed, due to the increase in dam levels.

Irrigation rules include the following:

  • Residents can water their gardens, using a dripper, soaker hose irrigation system, as well as a drip line on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, either before 9 am or after 6 pm only, which may also only be used for one hour.
  • Residents can water their garden or landscapes with a sprinkler system or with a hosepipe, which is fitted with a nozzle that uses very little water, to prevent wasting water. This is allowed on Saturdays before 9 am or after 6 pm only.
  • One may use a watering can/ bucket before 9 am or after 6 pm for one hour or less only.

Level 3 Restrictions

As mentioned with the irrigation rules above, water should still be used wisely, no fountains or water features may be filled up or used. Residents are also not allowed to water their gardens 48 hours prior or after rainfall and aren’t allowed to wash or hose down pavement/ hard surface areas outside.

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