Celebrating the spirit of the holiday season presupposes the hustle and bustle of festivities that include office parties and entertaining guests in your home. Bottled water coolers – with hot, cold and even ambient water options – step in as Santa’s socialising little helpers; keeping everyone hydrated and contributing to the merriment. 

Nothing is more hospitable than greeting your guests with a welcome drink.

‘Mocktails’ are a great alternative to cater for everyone; those who are underage, those who are designated drivers, or those who are going sober for the season. 

Let’s put your hot and cold bottled water cooler to work – and get your guests talking –  with some creative and festive family-friendly non-alcoholic drink ideas to keep everyone happy this Christmas season. 

Some like it hot: Holiday spiced tea ideas

It may be cold outside, but our warming Christmas drinks recipes are tasty, fun and guaranteed not to cause any headaches or hangovers. 

Hot bottled water dispensers | Christmas spiced tea drinks ideas

Classic spiced chai

We British are known for our love of a spot of tea, so why not ‘festive up’ the ritual and start the evening off with a timeless favourite: spiced chai?  

Decorate your bottled water cooler with Christmas lights and supply your guests with a variety of chai tea bags. (The spices in chai tea – such as ginger and cinnamon, are known for their immune-boosting properties). Guests can add the hot water and then customize their cups with milk, honey, and a dash of cinnamon for that perfect holiday flavour. 

And the best part? You, as the host, don’t need to serve the drinks but can spend more time mingling with your guests. 

Cranberry orange infusion:

Let your hot bottled water dispenser play the hero by offering a festive cranberry orange tea. Simply brew black tea with a splash of cranberry juice, add a twist of orange peel and let the warm, citrusy aroma spread holiday cheer throughout your gathering.

Warm apple cider bliss:

A  comforting cup of warm apple cider is the perfect warm hug to embrace the season. Set up your hot bottled water cooler and let guests enjoy this traditional winter beverage. Enhance the experience by offering cinnamon sticks and cloves for that extra touch of festive warmth.

Peppermint delight:

Christmas is not Christmas without Hallmark movie-style peppermint sticks in hot chocolate. But what about offering peppermint tea for those who love a hint of minty freshness? This refreshing choice can be paired with candy canes or chocolate stirrers for a delightful treat.

Some like it cold: Christmas-inspired infused water ideas

The convenience and accessibility of bottled water coolers – with cold or ambient options – suit everyone’s preferences. And Christmas is the best time to up the ante for flavouring your daily water intake with flavour-infused options. 

Festive flavoured and infused water recipes

Cranberry and rosemary elegance:

Create a visually stunning and invigorating drink by infusing cold water from your bottled water dispenser with cranberries and sprigs of fresh rosemary. Not only does it taste delightful, but it also adds a festive touch to your beverage station.

Cucumber mint wonderland:

A seasonal twist on high tea cucumber sandwiches is to keep it cool and crisp with cucumber and mint-infused water. This classic combination will cleanse the palate between holiday bites and leave guests feeling energised and refreshed!

Winter berry medley:

Turn your bottled water cooler into a celebratory sensation by combining frozen berries -like cranberries, blueberries, and raspberries – for a cold water infusion that pops visually and is full of flavour. This vibrant mix is sure to be a hit at any winter gathering.

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With hot and cold bottled water coolers ‘on tap’ – and our festive tea and infused water ideas – you can easily cater to the diverse preferences of your guests during the upcoming holiday season. You’ll tick the host boxes by not only keeping everyone hydrated but also adding an extra layer of cheer to your celebrations. 

So, let the festivities flow, and may your guests enjoy every sip of the season!

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