In case you thought that coral reefs couldn’t be found anywhere near Africa, think again.

When we hear the term “coral reef”, our minds automatically tend to think about Australia, and all the incredible, wondrous sights there is to see underwater. However, there are a couple of coral reefs situated in South Africa too. Although Africa in general, doesn’t get much praise for their landscapes or incredible beaches, South Africa, is thought to have it all. Not only does it have spectacular mountains, wildlife, views, beaches and forests, but it boasts with plenty of sea-life too.

Protected Coral Reefs

South Africa’s coral reefs have become slightly in danger, due to pollution, overfishing and even worse, acidification. With 10% of coral reefs that have already died in the world and 60% that are currently threatened, which are ceased to exist within the next century, finding out that 100% of South Africa’s coral reefs are protected within a profound Marina Protected Area, might just be the best news yet.

With most countries only having a partial percentage of their natural reefs protected, the most southern country of Africa sure does make a statement about how serious they are, in protecting coral reefs. With a 150km span of live coral reef, which the majority thereof is found in Kwa-Zulu Natal, it can also be found between Cape Vidal and Mozambique, which breeds life to a new ecosystem and diversity of species. South Africa’s location is, according to Geographers, also situated in the perfect spot, that allows the Atlantic and Indian Ocean to meet, creating the ideal, lukewarm blend of seawater, for microorganisms and species, to thrive in.

The Top Coral Reefs in South Africa

  1. Seven Mile Reef – Sodwana Bay, KZN
  2. Pinnacles – Sodwana Bay, KZN
  3. Landers Reef – KZN
  4. Playground – Protea Banks, KZN
  5. Castle Rocks – False Bay, Cape Town

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