Residents in Spain are blessed with very high-quality water that doesn’t lack in any health-related aspects. However, even though the water is some of the cleanest and most fit for consumption in the world, there’s not much to say about the taste, which has left tourists wondering whether it is indeed fine to consume.

Both tourists and residents have described the water in Spain as having issues when it comes to its taste, which has mainly been linked to odor chlorine, microplastics, by-products, as well as local pipe contaminants.

However, these factors that alter the taste of water, doesn’t pose any threats. With at least 99.5% of the water in Spain is recognized as safe to consume, residents and tourists have nothing to worry about. No evidence suggests that bottled water is by any means better or healthier to drink than tap water. Some people think it’s completely the quality is the opposite of tap water.

Which Choice is Right for You?

If you’re a resident living in Spain, then you’ve probably already made up your mind and is fine with your choice of how to consume water. However, if you’re a tourist, you may be confused, especially because unlike in other countries, bottled water isn’t the preferred choice of water.

Even though tap water is completely safe to consume, it may set off tourists, which will lead them to buy tap water. In that regard, both tourists and residents can invest in a portable water filter, like TAPP. This only cost 39 Euros and will save you money over time, as well as help you reduce plastic waste which is of utmost importance.

Sometimes general filtration can be the best thing you can possibly do to ensure you are consuming high-quality water, especially in major cities in other countries.

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