When one considers water, it is impossible not to think about climate change, and conversely, it is impossible to consider water without considering climate change and the myriad ways in which it might influence our lives.

There are some people who continue to believe that global warming and climate change are only products of people’s imaginations, yet these phenomena are in fact occurring, and we disregard them at our own risk. While “Global Warming” refers to an increase in the average temperature near the surface of the Earth, “Climate Change” refers to the more comprehensive collection of changes that accompany global warming. These changes include shifts in weather patterns, ice and snow, ecosystems, and the oceans.

While the Earth’s temperature has changed numerous times due to natural factors, the current climate change is different since the main cause is human activity. As a result of longer droughts, bigger storms, and a variety of other natural phenomena, contemporary man is experiencing broad global climate change for the very first time. This is the first time that modern man has had to deal with such widespread climate change on a worldwide scale.

Changes that we can already see is that the average global sea level has increased by roughly 2.5cm over the previous century, the Earth has become warmer, many of the bird species are relocating northwards, and glaciers all around the world are receding. Changes in climate will have an effect on ecosystems, causing some species to be compelled to adapt or go elsewhere, while others may have problems living. Climate change will also have an effect on plants, as well as the life cycles of both animals and plants.

Climate change causes precipitation patterns to fluctuate, which implies that many regions that today have sufficient water for drinking water, energy and agricultural reasons might not have sufficient water in the future. Even though drinking water is essential to human health, water used for other purposes, such as power generation, is also very important. This is because a lack of water for power generation could mean a return to the use of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, or natural gas, which would cause more greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere, which in turn would cause more problems.

Because of the inextricable connection between climate change and the availability of sufficient water to meet all of our requirements, it is imperative that we all take measures to protect both our planet and all of its water resources.

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