Living-Water Bottled Natural Spring Water


We only supply pure, natural water bottled from a natural spring, located on the border of the Welsh Marches in the South Shropshire Hills.

Natural Spring Water

The source has been filtering the water for thousands of years and dates back to the early part of the century when the local village needed a safe, regular drinking supply, as mains water was not available.

Despite the advent of mains supplied water after the war, such was the outrage from locals at having to drink inferior chlorinated water, many continued to bring and fill up their own containers at the source.

Living-Water is a soft water, low in calcium and magnesium and with a perfect PH balance of 7.5.

Both we and our bottling plant are full members of the EIMBCA(European Independent Mains and Bottled Cooler Association).

  • Delicious tasting and very palatable hence we drink sufficient quantities for good health.
  • Trust in the quality of our water which is tested daily and guaranteed.
  • Our water has the perfect mineral composition and will promote growth cells.
  • Completely free from contamination
  • Environmentally friendly as we reuse the bottles.
  • Dispensed through state of the art coolers which provide the opportunity to have cool, ambient or boiling water. As a result we drink sufficient water.
  • Our free delivery service guarantees the optimum speed from the source to the customer.

We supply 500 ml and 1.5 litre bottled spring water in minimum quantities of 100 000 bottles. Please contact us for more details.

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