Living-Water Star Spring Water Cooler

Living-Water Star Spring Water Cooler

A very attractive and compact water cooler that suits any environment, the Star can be dressed up in blue, yellow, green, silver, cream, pistachio green and burgundy red, ensuring it will look at home, whatever your office decor.

The Star Water Cooler

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The water dispenser has an inbuilt computer allowing consumption patterns to be identified and pre-planned, while an electronic identity card for follow-up and download of water cooler data.


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An auto-sanitisation button ensures that all parts in contact with the water are sterilized as many times as you wish at no cost. Just press the button and the cooler does it all for you with no use for reservoir bags or chemicals.

The Star, which measures 1100mm high x 400mm wide and 350mm deep, was created by Swiss designer Antoine Cahen who is renowned for the development of the Nespresso coffee machines.

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Star bottled water cooler features include:

  • Hygienic solenoid valves so no direct contact between the water and your hands.
  • Direct water flow from the bottle to the taps means no stagnant water.
  • Continuous flow of chilled water – cold water instantly available even after each sanitization or bottle change.
  • Compressor gas r134a – Environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of at end of life.

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