Living-Water Continuum Mains Cooler

The Continuum range of water coolers, manufactured by Borg & Overstrom, combines innovation with affordability. This stylish range is available in either counter top or floor standing models and in either a silver or graphite finish.


The Continuum Water Cooler

Continuum mains water cooler features include:

  • lift out drip tray with removable grid for easy cleaning
  • Thermistor heat sensor
  • Electronics for stable hot temperature
  • Mains drainage option
  • Strong build quality for durability
  • Hygienic wipe clean surface
  • L.E.D status indication for clarity
  • Hinged lower door for easy filter access


  • Height: 1060mm
  • Width: 325mm
  • Depth: 380mm

Filtered water coolers are a convenient and affordable way to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water at home or in the office. They come in a variety of styles to suit your needs, from countertop models to floor-standing dispensers. Filtered water coolers typically use a combination of filters to remove impurities from tap water, including chlorine, lead, and bacteria. This results in cleaner, tastier water that is healthier for you to drink.

Elevate your commitment to health and well-being with the paramount importance of safe drinking water through filtered water coolers. In a world where water quality is paramount, opting for a filtered water cooler ensures that every sip is a step towards optimal hydration. These coolers employ advanced filtration systems, removing impurities and contaminants, providing a pristine and refreshing taste. By choosing filtered water coolers, you empower your team with a reliable source of clean water, promoting a healthier work environment. Prioritize the well-being of your employees and guests by embracing the purity and safety that filtered water coolers bring to your space. Make a conscious choice for health and hydration—invest in filtered water coolers that stand as a testament to your dedication to quality and safety.

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