It’s hard to imagine a city, let alone a country, running out of water.

When we use water in our households, or at work every day, we are faced with this idea that it will always be there and run without stopping when we open the taps.

However, as global warming increases, the problem furthermore increases. Global warming contributes to a lot of issues in each country around the world. Unfortunately, for the Philippines, it is one that threatens the supply of water in an entire country.

What will happen if an entire country runs out of water?

Well, it depends on the original water supply and resources within the country. If the country is wealthy, they can always supply water to their residents either through purifying seawater, tapping into groundwater or water that could be found in the mountains. Perhaps an extremely wealthy country could buy water from other countries. At least enough to sustain their residents until the next winter. If there is a next winter, that is.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to weather patterns these days.

A Harsh Reality

The impending water crisis in the Philippines is on the incline. The Philippines population, much like the entire world, has increased. Not only does this affect the amount of drinking or household water made available to residents, but also the development of a country, since water shortage also affects the agricultural sector.

The entire clean portable water initiative has taken a toll. Today, the Philippines don’t only need clean drinkable water to survive, but also enough for daily activities and to keep these beautiful islands green.

Water can no longer be wasted anywhere in the world, especially in countries who are facing Cape Town’s much-anticipated “Day Zero”, whatsoever.

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