One would never think that England, a country known specifically for its large quantities of rain, would ever experience a drought. However, global warming has changed the way weather has taken its course over the last few years.

Something is changing in the UK, much like in the rest of the world, and well most residents fear the ever-talked-about hosepipe ban or water restrictions of any kind, there is a lot of hope for the country.

It is believed that the ‘’so-called” hosepipe ban will not be implemented in the UK in 2018, as recent rains during the winter months, as well as spring, has filled the natural reservoirs once again.

The Longest Drought in 40 Years

The demand for water in the UK has risen to a third more than it usually is. With reports from the water industry in the country, along with Northern Ireland, of an imposed hosepipe ban, things are seemingly getting serious in the UK.

On the UK mainland, however, there is said to be no restriction when it comes to water usage, as all the big reservoirs are well stocked.

The Water UK has reported that the country will not experience a drought. Representing 21 water companies, it’s safe to say; this institution knows what they’re talking about.

Winter Always Provides Enough Rain

In England, it rains a lot more than in other countries. Not only is its winter filled with showers, but its spring season is too, which leaves the country filled with water. Since the UK don’t experience too many hot days, there’s also no need to worry about water being evaporated quickly, as in other countries.

With unlimited rains, which fills the groundwater levels, along with essential reservoirs, you may take out your hosepipe now.

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