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Dehydration in Dogs
By BlogTeam on 13 February 2015
Dehydration in dogs occurs much the same was as dehydration in humans does; insufficient water in the body. Dehydration can cause serious health complications for pets and humans alike.Did you know that you need to ensure that man’s best friend has a proper daily fluid intake in order to maintain appropriate health? Water makes up approximately 80...
Fascinating Bodies of Water around the World
By BlogTeam on 13 February 2015
Apart from being vital to life, water is very interesting in itself, especially the various bodies of water that can be found all over the world.There are many dams, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and other bodies of water all over the world; surface water covers around 70% of the planet. Some, however, are far more fascinating than others because...
Dehydration in Cats
By BlogTeam on 12 February 2015
Most of us know by now that our body consists of around 70% water and that we need to drink water regularly in order to maintain that balance, but how much do you know about dehydration in cats?When we do not drink water as often as we should, we become dehydrated, which can affect our performance and our overall health quite adversely....
Open Water Swimming
By BlogTeam on 12 February 2015
Water is extremely important to humans because we need to drink water regularly in order to survive, but it is also important to us for other reasons such as open water swimming.Our bodies consist of around 70% water, and the earth is also covered by around 70% water; maybe there is something synergistic in that? Water is not only good to drink,...
Purifying Water in Nature
By BlogTeam on 11 February 2015
In one of our previous articles we gave advice on how to find water in nature should you ever find yourself lost and without drinking water for an extended period of time. We also mentioned that purifying water in nature is crucial to avoid contracting a waterborne disease; this article will give you some idea on how to purify water in nature....
Finding Water in Nature
By BlogTeam on 11 February 2015
Human beings need water in order to survive and function optimally, so it is important that we know everything about finding water in nature in case we ever get lost while hiking.Even the most experienced hikers or climbers can be overcome by misfortune resulting in them getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Tourists, day hikers and even...
Is Water On The Moon Or Water On Mars More Important To Humans?
By BlogTeam on 11 February 2015
Water is vital to life and good health for human beings, but according to many Earth is in a water crisis, so the question arises:  is water on the moon or water on mars more important to humans?It may sound strange that such a question should even arise, but to scientists and perhaps also to those in the medical fraternity, not that strange...
Harvesting Power from Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 10 February 2015
People in Portland were experiencing a serious power shortage until a company came up with an ingenious method of harvesting power from drinking water.What is even more impressive is that this energy is provided without any negative affects to the surrounding environment. Harvesting Power from Drinking WaterPortlanders are now using energy...

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