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The Key to Conserving Ocean Life
By BlogTeam on 23 January 2015
Water is vital to life, and conserving drinking water is closely tied to the key to conserving ocean life. Water is necessary for health, growth, agriculture, hygiene, industry, transport and energy. The world is facing water shortages because of the way we have treated our planet and the wholesale abuse of our natural resources.The Key to...
Purifying Dirty Waters with Mushrooms
By BlogTeam on 22 January 2015
Environmentalists from the Ocean Blue Project, an ecological restoration non-profit organisation in Oregon, are purifying dirty waters with mushrooms. They are achieving this by placing mushroom spawn in a mixture of coffee grounds and straw inside burlap bags which are then placed in the paths of storm drains through which contaminated water will...
 Fabien Cousteau’s Proposed Underwater City
By BlogTeam on 22 January 2015
In 1963, famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau built the Conshelf II -- an underwater habitat in which six oceanauts lived 10 metres under the Red Sea for 30 days, performing various experiments to determine the practicality of working on the sea floor. Those taking part were all subjected to continual medical examinations. It was however decided...
The Water-Energy Nexus
By BlogTeam on 22 January 2015
Much is being discussed on many fronts about the water-energy nexus, which is in actual fact just a complex manner of expressing a simple relationship.The production of all the energy required for various uses takes a huge amount of water, relatively on par with the amount of water required for irrigated agriculture. The production of water on the...
How to Solve the World's Water Problem
By BlogTeam on 21 January 2015
 The planet is 70% water; the human body is 70% water. The planet needs water to survive and thrive; the human body needs water to remain healthy and to function at its peak. Some think that gold, diamonds or oil are the most precious commodities on earth, but the truth is that it water is more precious and vital than any of those....
The Wonders of Raindrops
By BlogTeam on 21 January 2015
 Water is vital to human beings, being that it makes up 70% of our bodies. The facts are very simple; we require water in order to survive. It makes sense therefore that our scientific community studies water in all its forms for various reasons.The Wonders of RaindropsResearchers have recently taken to studying raindrops. What is there to...
Aquaporins and their Importance to Water and to Life
By BlogTeam on 21 January 2015
 The human body consists of 70% water, contained in every cell. It is vital to life that this perfect cellular water balance be constantly maintained for the body to function as it should. This is where Aquaporins and their importance to water and to life come into play.Aquaporins are integral membrane proteins that are to be found in...
Interesting Facts about World Water Conflicts
By BlogTeam on 20 January 2015
 Water is the Elixir of Life; it nurtures us, nourishes us, and sustains us and without it we could not survive. The world is in trouble because human actions combined with climate changes are causing water shortages and water scarcity in more and more regions. What most of us are unaware of are the conflicts and collaborations that have been...

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