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Spice Up Your Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 4 February 2015
Although we all know that we need to drink water regularly in order to maintain the fluid balance in our bodies, many individuals do not like plain water. Some people say that the tap water in their area tastes funny or smells bad, so they just do not drink it.Although the drinking water in the UK is pretty good and generally smells fine, many...
Drink Water for Good Oral Hygiene
By BlogTeam on 3 February 2015
Drinking water is vital to your good health, but I am sure that you never knew that it is also important to drink water for good oral hygiene.Oral hygiene is important to all of us, and is one of the critical aspects of living a healthy, balanced life. Not practising good oral hygiene can lead to halitosis or bad breath, gum disease, cavities and...
Why You Should Choose to Drink Water
By BlogTeam on 3 February 2015
In today’s world we are face with many choices of virtually everything, including drinks, but there are some very important reasons why you should choose to drink water regularly.Soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, sports drinks, tea, coffee, energy boosters, flavoured milks, flavoured iced teas, and many more choices abound for those looking to...
Can Icebergs Be Used to Source Fresh Water?
By BlogTeam on 3 February 2015
There are two elements that human beings cannot survive without; water and oxygen. Unfortunately there is a looming water crisis in the world today, with many countries already experiencing water scarcity or water shortages. This has led to the question, “Can Icebergs Be Used to Source Fresh Water?”While there is plenty of water on earth, there is...
Can Solar Energy Provide Clean Water?
By BlogTeam on 2 February 2015
The human body is made up of around 70% water, and drinking water is vital to good health. We need to remain well-hydrated in order to function at our best; dehydration causes various organs to function less optimally and even to eventually stop functioning altogether.The problem is that the world is in a water crisis according to the United...
Different Types of Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 2 February 2015
We all know that in order to keep our body hydrated and in good health we need to drink water regularly, but how to choose between all the different types of drinking water? There are so many options for drinking water these days that it is difficult to determine which type is the healthiest.Water is not just water; there are various types of...
All about Mineral Water
By BlogTeam on 30 January 2015
Mineral water is water that contains dissolved mineral salts such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium compounds. Mineral water can be naturally occurring or it can be manufactured when mineral salts are added to filtered water. Natural Mineral WaterNatural mineral water is groundwater from the depths of the earth that has been...
Where Does Our Water Come From?
By BlogTeam on 30 January 2015
The human body consists of around 70% water, and we use water for many things in life, but where does our water come from? I am not talking about our drinking water that we either get from the tap or a well or river, but where does our water come from really?Where Does Our Water Come From?Water is in us and all around us in the oceans, the rivers...

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