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The Key to Beautiful Skin & Hair is Water
By BlogTeam on 12 September 2014
One may think that the most important thing to having a beautiful skin and hair is using expensive products to maintain them, but actually nothing could be further from the truth. The key to beautiful skin and hair is water. Yes, ordinary drinking water; the kind that you can find in most taps and water coolers everywhere.Drinking water is one of...
Cancer and Your Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 12 September 2014
Cancer and drinking water… those are two words that one really does not want to hear in the same sentence, yet all over the world communities are becoming very concerned about the quality of their drinking water and the possible links between chemicals found in their drinking water and the high incidences of cancer.The World Health Organisation (...
Promoting Healthy Drinking Habits in Children
By BlogTeam on 11 September 2014
As parents it is up to us to instil good manners and good habits into our children to ensure their good health, social graces and all round knowledge. This includes teaching our children good eating habits, but the habit most parents seem to neglect is good drinking habits. Now when I say good drinking habits, I am not talking about alcohol but...
Not Drinking Water Can Cause Back Pain
By BlogTeam on 11 September 2014
Do you often suffer from backache? Did you know that the source of all your back pain can be something as simple as the fact that you do not drink water often enough? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it, but it is the truth; dehydration can cause backache.Around 70% of the human body is water, which we lose throughout the day from sweating, breathing,...
Remove Chlorine from Your Drinking Water at Home
By BlogTeam on 11 September 2014
The use of chlorine to disinfect drinking water is something that has been done for decades because it eliminates various waterborne diseases and pathogens. Chlorine is extremely effective, inexpensive and easily monitored and controlled. Chlorine keeps the bacteria growth in drinking water under control, which is why it is considered to be a top...
What Are Electrolytes and Why Are They Important?
By BlogTeam on 10 September 2014
What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are substances that contain free ions that conduct electricity. Why are electrolytes important? Higher life forms, including human beings, cannot live without electrolytes, so they are important to our continued existence.Electrolytes regulate many functions in the human body, including the rebuilding of damaged...
Oxygenated Water - What Is It All About?
By BlogTeam on 10 September 2014
Active O2, a brand of bottled water made by a water company based in the Bavarian Alps in Germany, claims to be a product that is “deeply connected to nature” according to the company’s executive director.The water is labelled as bottled water that is good for those who do extreme sports such as free riding, ice-climbing, and street running. The...
Office Water Coolers for those Long Summer Days
By BlogTeam on 10 September 2014
At the beginning of summer it is wonderful because we are all tired of the long cold winter days and even colder nights and long for the balmy summer evenings and scorching hot days so that we can laze around the pool or on the beach catching a tan. All too soon though, we realise that the heat is very oppressing and debilitating.It is all great...

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