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Why is it Important to Drink Only Pure Water?
By BlogTeam on 28 October 2014
Although it is important that we drink water on a regular basis in order to keep the body well-hydrated, it is just as important that our drinking water is pure and toxin-free. After oxygen, water is the next most important substance required by the body for our continued good health.Water is known as a universal solvent and as a transport medium...
All about Water Usage and Water Saving
By BlogTeam on 28 October 2014
We all need water every day; for personal hygiene, for doing the laundry, for cooking, for agriculture, for industry, and most importantly in order to survive.Most of the world is lucky enough to be able to turn open a tap and get potable drinking water; many individuals though, especially in third-world countries, are not so lucky. It is...
Water Pollution and Other Related Problems
By BlogTeam on 28 October 2014
There is a huge water pollution problem right across the planet, and it is the fault of the human race.  Even though we all need to drink water every day in sufficient quantities in order for our bodies to remain fully hydrated, we do not look after this precious resource of ours sufficiently.For too many centuries we have not worried about...
Benefits of Using a Water Filter System
By BlogTeam on 24 October 2014
What are the two things that the human body cannot do without? We cannot do without oxygen and water. As much as we need to breathe oxygen in order to breathe, we also need to drink water regularly in order to keep our bodies fully hydrated and in peak health.Drinking water is important, but drinking pure water is even more important. Even though...
Is Drinking Demineralised Water Healthy?
By BlogTeam on 24 October 2014
Demineralised water, or demi-water, is water that has been treated, causing it to contain minimal if any of the minerals or dissolved salts usually found in water such as calcium, magnesium and sodium.Global drinking water standards are published by the European Union (EU) and by the World Health Organization (WHO), over and above which every...
Interesting Facts about Water & Energy
By BlogTeam on 22 October 2014
In order to understand all about water and energy, one should first understand exactly what energy is. Energy is “the capacity to do work and transfer heat.” In order to burn candles or boil water, for instance, one requires the use of energy.Energy comes in various forms, such as electricity, light, mechanical energy, chemical energy, and heat....
What is Groundwater?
By BlogTeam on 21 October 2014
Groundwater is the terminology used for available stores of natural water that can be found in the fractures and pore spaces in sediment and rock that lies beneath the surface of the earth. It is water that originates as snow and rainfall which then travels through the earth into the groundwater system and eventually makes its way back to the...
Fun Tricks with Water
By BlogTeam on 21 October 2014
If you are as tired of reading about the fact that drinking water is vital to maintain your health and that if you do not drink sufficient water every day you will dehydrate, here are some fun tricks that may make drinking water fun again.While one should not waste water as there are many individuals, especially in developing countries who do not...

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