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Water Filters – Are They Safe to Use?
By BlogTeam on 24 September 2014
Some of us are lucky enough to live in countries where the municipal water is of good quality, but what do those of us who are not so lucky do? Are water filters really the answer, and are all water filters safe to use?Even though your local municipality may make use of very modern methods to ensure that your drinking water is safe according to...
Water, Asthma & Allergies
By BlogTeam on 22 September 2014
When on suffers from one allergy one generally suffers from more, and when one suffers from allergies on often also suffers from asthma. Ask anyone who suffers from hayfever and they will tell you that this is true.In order to understand exactly what an allergy is, one needs to understand what happens. An allergy means that your body has an...
On Water and Food Security in Child Development
By BlogTeam on 22 September 2014
When we think about drinking water and the need to keep our bodies well-hydrated, our thoughts naturally are rather close to home. How often do we think on water and food security in child development, especially in other countries?While we may live in a country where there is adequate fresh drinking water, this is not true of all countries, as...
How much water enough?
By BlogTeam on 22 September 2014
We have all been told at some stage that we need to drink water constantly to make sure that we stay hydrated or our bodies cannot work on top form, but how much water is enough?For many years the belief was that everyone needed to drink eight glasses of water per day. Recent research though, has found that for some that may not be sufficient to...
The Importance of Water for the Brain
By BlogTeam on 19 September 2014
Although much is spoken and written about the importance of drinking water regularly in order to keep the body well hydrated and functioning optimally, not much is discussed on the importance of water for the brain.The brain, like the rest of the body, needs nutrition in the form of oxygen, water, and energy. Unfortunately most of us drink water...
The Importance of Water for the Brain
By BlogTeam on 19 September 2014
The human body is a wonderful thing. It may not have a water storage system, which is why we constantly have to drink water to replace the water we have lost, but it does have a water recycling system and a drought management system.No Water Storage SystemOur bodies consist of around 70% water. We need to ensure that this balance is maintained as...
Drinking Water and Anti-Aging
By BlogTeam on 19 September 2014
By now we know that water is good for us and that the human body consists of around 70% water. We know that because we lose fluids throughout the day we need to drink water regularly to replace them in order to stay hydrated, but why do we need to stay hydrated? And what do drinking water and anti-aging have to do with one another?We need to drink...
Water and High Blood Pressure
By BlogTeam on 12 September 2014
High blood pressure can lead to heart disease and strokes, two conditions that are amongst the top 3 causes of death in the world. But what exactly is high blood pressure and what has drinking water got to do with high blood pressure?High blood pressure is also known as hypertension, and is the force of the blood pushing against the artery walls...

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