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Why get a Living-Water Boiler?
By BlogTeam on 20 March 2015
Why get a Living-Water Boiler?  The reasons are manifold, but in short the answer is to save time and money.How does a hot water boiler save one time and money you ask?Let’s look at a quick work scenario: It is winter and an employee feels the need for a hot drink to warm themselves and their fingers which are too frozen to type, so what...
Bottled VS Mains Fed coolers
By BlogTeam on 19 March 2015
There are essentially two kinds of water-coolers, and whether you need a water cooler for your home or one for the office, it is important that you know as much as possible about bottled vs mains-fed water coolers in order to decide which is best suited to your particular needs.Do you need an under-counter water cooler, a counter-top water cooler...
Women and Water
By BlogTeam on 17 March 2015
Water is the most important and vital element on earth to every living creature, and the role of women and water is a critical combination.It may sound strange, but just think about it for a bit; who uses water the most in the household? We are not talking about only personal use here but about all the various domestic uses for water.Women are...
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Your Office Water Supply
By BlogTeam on 17 March 2015
With Global Warming and Climate Change on everyone’s lips, isn’t it time that you learned how to reduce your carbon footprint with your office water supply?It is really not as difficult a one might think, just a question of investing in an office water cooler over supplying your staff with bottled water to drink, or letting them purchase bottled...
Time to Invest in a Home Water Filter
By BlogTeam on 13 March 2015
With climate change and the burgeoning population figures all over the world severely straining water resources, especially in water-scarce countries, it may be time to invest in a home water filter.According to 2013 population figures, London is home to in excess of 10 million inhabitants, which is putting a huge strain on the local water...
The Importance of Reverse Osmosis
By BlogTeam on 12 March 2015
We all need to drink water regularly, but the planet’s water supplies are waning and the importance of reverse osmosis is thata simple process that could have stellar implications in terms of how we view our potable water supply.  The Importance of Reverse OsmosisThe vast majority of water covering around 70% of the Earth's surface is salt...
Get the Most Health Benefits from Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 11 March 2015
It is important for all of us to drink water regularly in order to maintain the balance of fluids in our bodies and if we do it right, we will also get the most health benefits from drinking water.Although the old 8X8 rule has fallen by the wayside, we still need to drink sufficient water daily according to our own body’s needs and our lifestyle....
The Many Benefits of Drinking Water
By BlogTeam on 10 March 2015
Most individuals see drinking water as a bit of a chore and are still seemingly unaware of the many benefits of drinking water.Drinking water regularly does so much more than just quench your thirst; it keeps your mind and body in perfect working order. Without water the human body cannot function, and becomes dehydrated, which leads to...

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