10 Excellent Reasons to Drink More WaterChronic dehydration is when you do not drink sufficient water on a regular basis, and it affects most people at some time or the other. Research has shown that around 20% of us walk around at least partially dehydrated most of the time.

This generally occurs because individuals do not like to drink water; either because it tastes funny, is not cold enough, or they just do not see the need. In actual fact, no matter what other liquids you drink, water is the one fluid that you absolutely MUST drink if you want to remain healthy and performing to the best of your ability both physically and mentally.

Here are 10 Excellent Reasons to Drink More Water:

  1. Energy Loss and Fatigue: When we do not drink sufficient water, enzyme activity slows down, causing us to feel fatigued and have no energy.
  1. Constipation and Digestion: Water helps you to digest your food as well as to move the food down the colon so that it can be discarded in the form of stool. If you are dehydrated it is more difficult for the food and toxins to move down the colon, which results in constipation.
  1. Blood Pressure: The blood in your body must be kept at a constant volume so that it can flow easily throughout your body delivering nutrients and oxygen. Dehydration thickens the blood and makes the heart work harder to pump it through.
  1. Gastritis, Stomach Ulcers: Your body must be keep dehydrated in order to produce mucous so that your mucous membranes can protect the lining of your stomach from being destroyed by acidic digestive fluids.
  1. Respiratory Tract: The mucous membranes that protect your respiratory tract from inhaling toxins and damage into your lungs must be kept moist.
  1. Acid/Alkaline: Dehydration causes an enzymatic slowdown which causes acidification that leads to an acid/alkaline imbalance.
  1. Eczema/Allergies: Dehydration results in your body not having sufficient liquid to seat the toxins out of your system via the skin, and this can lead to allergies, including eczema and acne.
  1. Cholesterol: When there is insufficient water in your cells, your body will make ore cholesterol in an attempt to halt the extraction of liquid by other more vital organs.
  1. Urinary Infections: Dehydration can lead to toxins in your urine not being diluted sufficiently, which can lead to urinary infections.
  2. Rheumatism: Rheumatism is the direct result of an abnormal increase of toxins in your blood and cellular fluids.

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