The ocean is filled with many mysteries, some of which scientists struggle to resolve, even after years of research.

From bacteria to statues under the water, there’s more to discover than just the creatures living in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean, yet they are so unique that they are interesting to talk about too.

5 Discoveries in the Ocean that Scientists Can’t Explain

  1. Bacteria that creates a glow-phenomena

Bacteria are gathering by the millions in the ocean that are creating milky patches that glow. Until 2006, scientists had a difficult time capturing an image of these glow patches that would appear and disappear but could only be seen at night. Years later, scientists remain unsure about the reason why the bacteria gather in such big numbers. All they know is that one can see it from miles away.

  1. The purple orb

Imagine that. A small, magical orb in the ocean. It was found located on the ocean floor of California. Those who discovered it first thought it was a spider sac or an octopus. Some researchers believe it is a type of snail, yet nobody knows for sure.

  1. A jellyfish that can cure disease

There is an immortal jellyfish that can revert to its polyp stage if it starves or feel like it is in danger. It can escape death and is believed to be a cure for cancer due to its ability to reset cells and reverse its current form.

  1. Bermuda Triangle

The much talked about Bermuda Triangle that lies between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda is considered one of the most mysterious regions in the world. With many ships, planes, and people vanishing within the triangle, never to be seen again, it remains one of the ocean’s biggest mysteries.

  1. The Mariana Trench

Imagine a part of the ocean that is so deep, dark, and big that only three people in the history of science and technology has been able to visit it. The Mariana Trench is located off the Mariana Islands and is very costly to visit, not to mention research. Due to the restrictions, nobody has made it to the bottom of the ocean floor in years, which means that there are countless unidentified creatures to discover down in the depths of the ocean.