Europe is known as one of the must-destinations in the world, and now it has been clarified that up to 85% of European bathing sites are considered to have excellent water quality.

European bathing sites attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, which is just one reason why countries ensure tourists’ travelling experience is the best yet.

With so much pollution occurring all over the world, it’s 100% natural to think that even Europe may be flawed. Don’t get it wrong, there are countries, and regions in some of the most sought-after destinations that don’t have the best quality tap water, but there are hundreds of bathing sites that are considered cleaner than most sites in the entire world.

Since the EU has strict rules and requirements for each country that needs to be fulfilled, there’s more reason as to why everything is kept as clean.

From 2017 to 2018, water quality also rose from 85.0% to 85.1%.

Just like any other country, even Europe face trouble when it comes to plastic and wastewater pollution. However, Europe has done a fine job of preserving as much of the natural wonder, and quality of the surrounding areas, then most countries.

The Reliability of the EU Responsible for the Exceptional Water Quality

The EU’s Bathing Water Directive is responsible for creating and implementing rules to support the quality of Europe’s bathing water over the past 4 decades. They also monitor and manage all investments related to urban waste and the water treatment thereof. This has resulted in a reduction in untreated, as well as semi-treated waste-water, both of which get treated by the municipality, preventing all waste from ending up in any body of water.

These thorough and disciplined acts to ensure the quality of water resources have placed European residents and tourists at ease in knowing that no matter where they travel in Europe, they can expect the best quality water.

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