“Alkaline”, refers to the pH level in the water. This level is measured within a range starting at 0 and ending at 14.

While your regular tap water has a pH level of 7.5, alkaline water has a slightly higher level, which is either 8 or 9. The only difference between these two types of water is thus their pH levels.

When water is more alkaline, it also gets more acidic, which leads people to remain wary of consuming it. On the other hand, water that has a lower level of pH is known to have a greater toxic effect on the body, which raises the question on whether we should be consuming either normal or alkaline water.

Science constantly evolves. It leads to new results when it comes to evaluating pretty much anything. Many people once thought that acidic food or drinks could increase the risk of getting cancer and allows for cells to accumulate throughout your body faster. What is the truth, however?

Alkaline Water and Its Relationship with Cancer

If you’re interested in alkaline water, or you’ve ever consumed it, then you probably know that it counteracts acid found inside your bloodstream. Many health practitioners also prescribe it as a healthier choice to tap water, as it has proven to increase the metabolism and the body’s ability to store nutrients.

Experts also suggest that it will kill off cancer cells within the body, as these cells are found in a more acidic environment.

The verdict?

Although alkaline water hydrates your body and even relieve symptoms such as stomach reflux and indigestion, alkaline water sold in a store, won’t have a significant impact on the body, nor its natural acid-base, found in the bloodstream.

Researchers suggest that there is no proper evidence to support the idea that alkaline water can prevent, nor treat existing cancer. It’s difficult to alter one’s pH level unless you alter your diet. Although the body naturally balances internal pH levels, the risk of cancer with a poor diet and lifestyle will add to a more acidic body.

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