While some would call it historic, scientists call it abnormal and disastrous for the future of the planet. A Brazilian scientist has recorded a temperature of 20.75 degrees on the 9th of February, which is higher than Antarctica’s previous highest temperature record in January 1982, which was 19.8 degrees.

The 20.75-degree record surpasses the 18.3 degrees temperature on the 6th of February, which was concerning, to begin with. Now that it has reached a temperature this high, it’s starting to show just how bad the effect of global warming is on the earth.

A Severe Impact on the Future of the World

While Antarctica is left out as a country nobody ever talks about, it does contain up to 70% of the world’s freshwater resources, which only makes up 3% of the water in the world. The remaining 97% water is either unfit for consumption or saltwater found in seas and oceans. It is crazy to think that the one place on earth that stores the most freshwater fit for human consumption, is melting every day, and due to increased temperatures as high as over 20 degrees, it may get worse going forward. Needless to say, if all 70% of the freshwater resources were to melt, it would cause the ocean’s levels to rise by up to 60%, which basically means that most of the worlds’ land would be underwater – Not only the Venice, the Philippine Islands, and Hawaii, where sea levels have already risen due to melting glaciers in the North and South.

UN scientists now predict that oceans are set to rise anywhere between 30cm and 110cm by the end of this century, which is only 80 years away. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it’s a lot for islands and a city like Venice, which has already been affected by rising sea levels. It could very well lead to an island or city to go underwater, which is a very serious problem for the people living on those islands or in these cities.

The need to reduce carbon emissions is now more severe than ever before, particularly because of the increased temperatures and the level of sensitivity the ice sheets are currently enduring.

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