They are described as the ocean’s most gentle giants and are the shark species that poses no threat to humans whatsoever. Comparing a study that was done in 2005, with one that was updated precisely a decade later in 2016, whale sharks have gone from vulnerable sea creatures, to endangered. The numbers of whale sharks also decreased with 50% over the past 75 years, which makes their future seem rather bleak.

Conservationists are now trying their best to assess the impacts of shark finning in Southern China and have updated their conservation status, making whale sharks one of the species that sits at the top of the list.

With a rapid decline over 75 years, professionals have found that a big portion of the population gets hunted around Asia’s waters, specifically for their fins, which adds to the entire shark epidemic even more.

As the biggest fish in the ocean and one of the top three filter-feeding sharks that exist, this species is quite special to the ocean and the world. They migrate across the globe.

Conservationists are especially passionate about protecting them, as they aren’t aggressive at all, and are the best companions to swim with, allowing for an amazing experience.

Australia’s Effort to Protect Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are protected in Australia. Conservationists have, however, discovered the rapid increase of these species being hunted by the hundreds each year, which is quite alarming.

The Australian Government are trying to set an example for other countries and continues to urge them to get on board in the campaign to protect these incredible creatures. They are continuing to push regional protection, to save this shark species, ensuring they will still reside on the earth in the future. Whale sharks are currently being tracked, in the attempt to stop the illegal fishing of them.

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