Bottled water sales across the globe have continued to rise, with many individuals feeling that just because the label says that the water comes from some remote place and says that it is healthy that this is true, but do not be fooled.

Bottled water is not necessarily better than your tap water – in actual it may actually be nothing more than tap water. Many studies have revealed that when analysed, the labels and company websites of many brands, including many well-known ones actually tell lies, and also that many of them do not even mention the source of their water. Some brands also do not disclose what treatment their water was given.

The bottom line is that around 49% of waters tested were shown to be nothing more than purified tap water with a nice fancy label.

You are far better off drinking plain tap water, especially in the UK where the quality of the tap water is amongst the best in the world. If you do not like the fact that the tap water in many areas contains fluoride, a known carcinogen, then there are other and cheaper ways of getting in your daily water requirement than from bottled water.

Some alternative water sources:

  • Use a water filter on your tap – you can find some very reasonably priced carafe or tap-mounted water filters in the stores;
  • Install a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system in your home – RO removes almost all contaminants;
  • Once you have a water filter, fill a good quality reusable water bottle from your tap;
  • Purchase only bottled water that discloses its source and lists an advanced purification method on its label or website;

Investing in a water cooler is still your best option though, and there are many bottled and mains water coolers that will suit your needs as well as your budget – Living-Water, London’s premier water company has a range of both bottled and mains water coolers that will provide you with chilled, filtered drinking water 24/7.