With the coronavirus infecting people in Wuhan, China, and the country scattering to solve one of their biggest health crises yet, the country is now also looking to improve water bodies within China, as well as their oceans.

Given that the coronavirus is speculated to have been caused by seafood and the consumption of illegally traded animals, China is doing more than just managing the virus in Wuhan. Apart from the introductory of the coronavirus, the Chinese have been worried about water pollution for years, as they’ve witnessed landfills piling up in Beijing, cluttering rivers, entering the oceans, and forcing citizens to take a lot more actions to protect themselves.

Considering that even air is being sold in China due to the air having reached such a state of pollution in major metropolitan areas, there is a concern for much more than just clean, plastic-free water too.

New Guidelines for China

A set of new rules suggests the banning of imported plastic waste, along with nonbiodegradable plastic bags across all major cities by the end of 2020. Any other sources of plastic garbage are also set to be banned in both Shanghai and Beijing, among other wealthy provinces by the year 2022. China also hopes to clear the country of plastic nationwide by the year 2025, which is a major step and aspiration for a country that manufactures most items being sold all over the world.

The country is very serious about tackling this issue head-on and will start by focusing on not consuming any plastic products that are single-use items.

These guidelines are prospective for the city and hoped to be welcomed and supported by all Chinese citizens to decrease the country’s overall carbon footprint, ultimately improving the quality of water, air, and living in China.

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