Society is always looking for new ways to improve their lives, especially when it comes to speeding up weight-loss and simplifying daily tasks like drinking enough water.

Although drinking water is a basic need, and everybody needs to do it, it’s not something everybody necessarily likes to do, nor think they have time to do. Thinking about drinking at least 2 liters of water a day could seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re not supposed to chug it all down. Instead, nutritionists recommend to drink water throughout the day, and slowly too. However, since no one has time to do that, people turn towards hacks and try to find a fast and easy way to do whatever it is they need to do to stay healthy.

To Chug, or Not to Chug?

One water hack that has been tried and promoted all around the globe, is indeed to chug down a lot of water at once to improve your day. Thinking about consuming too much of anything as fast as chugging it down in one go, you may want to reconsider it all together as your body isn’t supposed to receive more than a few sips of water in one go. If you finish your daily water intake fast, it will be disposed of in your body as urine instead of being used for important purposes throughout the day, including dehydration, to improve your skin, to suppress your appetite, and to keep your organs healthy.

To combat the water chugging, water therapy has been recommended to balance habits that affect your day negatively, including the times you drink water, recommending that you stop drinking and eating for two hours after eating a meal. Water therapy has been used by the Japanese to regulate their gastrointestinal tract, help combat dry skin, maintain energy levels throughout the day, and even helps with the management of pain. The water therapy method is claimed to bring balance to your day, mind, and body, all while keeping you equally hydrated during all hours of the day.

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