We’ve heard the predictions time and time again about cities, most particularly islands, that will be bound underwater if climate change persists. However, did you know that there are cities already located underwater?

It’s true, and even though it’s not something people want to ever think about to happen to their city or town, there have been more predictions surfacing recently about the cold reality of any piece of flat land surrounded by the ocean. As the ocean’s water level continues to rise and the ice caps continue to melt, concern continues to increase, causing speculation about which cities are bound to be next.

4 Incredible Cities Found Underwater

  • Port Royal, Jamaica – Famously integrated into the movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean, Port Royal exists. It consists of just over 2,000 buildings and 4 forts and used to be considered a real-life hotbed for pirates or any activity related to piracy. Another famous character known in the movie, Blackbeard, was particularly known for raiding treasure ships until 1692 when an earthquake took the city down underneath the Caribbean Sea.
  • Dwarka, India – This ancient city can be found 131 feet below the ocean and is based on a myth, serving as the town of Lord Krishna. The city is now considered only to be in ruins, yet the complexity of it’s built, still fascinates experts today.
  • The Pyramids of Yonaguni Jima, Japan – If you go to Japan, you will find pyramids underwater that boast with mystery. Experts have still not discovered whether it is man-made or simply a natural occurrence. It seems like the pyramids were constructed 10,000 BC during the last ice age. These pyramids also resemble similar pyramids found in Central America and Mexico.
  • Lion City, China – This underwater city may be considered the most fascinating of all, as it is more than 1400 years old and spans over 62 football fields. It is considered a gem in China.