Perhaps nobody really wants to hear that or be reminded of the current circumstances the world finds itself in. Perhaps nobody wants to hear about the idea of a deadline that could determine whether the damage inflicted can be stopped, prevented, or even reversed, which is something the earth desperately needs.

It’s hard to come to terms with the journey climate change has taken in the past few decades. Although humans have been affecting the earth negatively for centuries, significant impacts have only really had an impact on the earth in the last century, thanks to the commencement of the industrial revolution and the consistent depletion of the earth’s resources.

Severe flooding in the beautiful Italian city, Venice, has been reported as a direct result caused by climate change, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro reported. He also suggested that the increasing water levels will leave a permanent mark on the city. He urged the government to take matters more seriously, as Venice may not survive continuous floods as severe as this one which peaked at 1.87m.

Global Warming – The Leading Cause of Climate Change in Europe

Official records of the tide in Venice increasing began in 1923 and reached up to 1.94 meters in 1966, which has been the highest level of water recorded yet.

Fast forward 54 years later, and it’s nearly the same.

What does this mean for Europe?

A few months ago, during the summer months in Europe, many countries experienced what seemed to be some of the worst heatwaves in the past few decades. Given the fact that it’s already November and snow hasn’t fallen in certain areas in Europe yet, is just another indication that global warming is getting the better of both Venice and all the continent.

Certain parts of Venice, including St Mark’s Basilica, has been damaged and hit with the severe flood for the sixth time in 1,200 years. The biggest concern of all is the fact that many historic buildings and structures may not survive more floods. Four out of the six floods have occurred in the last 20 years, which just goes to show that climate change is indeed having an increasingly worsened effect on Venice. For now, the government has been called on to help residents and improve the situation at hand.