Different Types of Water Coolers Water coolers have become quite popular for their convenience in dispensing chilled water virtually non-stop, not only in offices but also in homes, pubs, schools, sports venues, hospitals and many other places.

Some of this popularity is due to the face that water coolers make is easy for everyone to get chilled, fresh water to drink whenever they need it, and some of it because of the swing to healthy living by the general public. Even big business has got in on the office water cooler fad because they have realised that far from an office water cooler being a negative due to staff gathering around it, it is actually a positive because well-hydrated staff work much better and much longer.

Different Types of Water Coolers

There are a number of different types of water coolers, and the one that you choose will ultimately depend on your budget and your needs:

Bottled Water Coolers

  • Bottled water coolers are water coolers that have an inverted bottle of water that supplies drinking water via a tap placed below the bottle
  • The water used in bottled water coolers is always filtered, and some water companies even use spring water in their water bottles
  • These bottles will have to be replaced regularly, depending on the amount of people that drink water from them
  • It is important that the water company with which you deal can supply fresh water as you require it
  • Bottled water coolers are more suited to smaller offices and homes where there are not so many individuals that will make use of them
  • Bottled water coolers are generally freestanding, which means that they can be placed indifferent spots as required
  • Bottled water coolers include free-standing and under-counter models as well as countertop models
  • Bottled water coolers include those models that can be used in outside areas where there is no electricity; they are called water fountains and will provide filtered but not chilled drinking water

Mains Water Coolers

  • Mains water coolers are also known as point-of-use or POU water coolers
  • Mains water coolers are so-called because they are plumbed directly into the main water line
  • Mains water coolers are not portable so you need to ensure that the spot that you choose to put your POU water cooler is the right one
  • Mains water coolers can be fitted with a water filter to filter the municipal water as it comes out of the main water pipe
  • Many mains water coolers can provide chilled, ambient and hot water for coffee, soup and other hot drinks
  • Because POU water coolers are attached to the main water line they can provide many more individuals with chilled water than bottled water coolers can, which makes them the ideal choice for larger offices, sports venues etcetera
  • POU office water coolers dispense drinking water 24/7

Contact your local water cooler supply company to see what models of water coolers they offer and make your decision based on your budget and your needs. Whether you are in the market for an office water cooler or a home water cooler, do your research then invest in what is best for you and your staff or family.  Remember, drinking water regularly is vital to your health!