If you think of water transport, the first thing that should pop in your mind is boats, ships and any size they’re possibly available in. However, there are more types of water transportation, and given that the ocean is so big, there’s no limit to what could be discovered, or how far one can travel by ship.

Water transportation was invented to move people, mails and freight by either boat, sailboat, ship or barge over the ocean, sea lakes, canals and rivers.

It is considered a very important mode of transport, and it’s all due to shipping and the role it plays in business, retail, society and travel, primarily to travel long distances. If you think about the thousands of products being loaded onto a container, there is entirely no way that would be able to be transported from Africa to the U.S. by plane. Since aircraft and sea-craft are the only two means of transportation across the water, we can understand why ships, for instance, are so incredibly important.

Different Types of Water Transport

There are various types of water vehicles. These include cruise ships, racing boats, off-road riding boats, windsurfer boats, riverboats, jet skis, battleships, raft boats, canoes, ferries, yachts, submarines, as well as tugboats.

It’s important to remember that water transportation isn’t only required for use on the sea/ ocean, but also for inland rivers and canals.

Even though ships that allow for the transportation of people, as well as goods over the water, is extremely important, transporting individuals and using smaller boats for travelling over lakes, rivers and canals, are also very important, especially when it comes to trading goods in small quantities from island to island.

Water transportation is only classified in two different categories, and these include both inland and ocean water transportation.

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